Ocampo, Guanajuato.- Six gvernment workers from Ocampo wanted to smartalek the US Consulate in Guadalajara trying to get their VISAs using forged and fake municipal documents.

Oh, yeah, these guys took sealed and stamped documents to make their salaries look higher and lied about their positions so the Americans would give them the permit.

They were discovered when a sixth person who didn’t even worked at the city hall in Ocampo (the sister to the leader of this group) got nervous at the Consulate due to the interrogatory and finally cracked.

After this, the Consulate informed the city council in Ocampo about the whole issue and the bomb went off.

So far, the city council has decided to law suit, but only the leader of this group, some Social Communication girl named Sandra Balleza Mancilla.

The rest of the government functionaries; Maria Consuelo Jasso Balleza, Benjamin Ayala Lozano, Francisco Javier Sanchez, Nayeli Lopez Garcia and Daniel Jesus Mendea, are still workig for the government.

Information provided by Correo

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra