By: Juan Carlos Rosas. Guanajuato, Gto.- Last Thursday September 13th was quite busy for lawyers at the Congress legislation plenary though, in extraordinary session they passed four pronouncements for many diverse reforms to various local laws and proposals to the federal code of law.

One of these was to the General Law of Education, to the Federal Labour Law and to the Social Security.

There were also modifications to the State Social Assistance, the new way is that Family Integration Development (DIF) sponsored members will not receive neither ‘compensation’ nor ‘retributions’ for doing their jobs and avoid resources to be deviated for salary ‘fillers’.

They also passed the addition to the article 8 bis to the tax collection law for the State of Guanajuato that allow tax collection gratifications to those who decide to give money support to scientific and technological research.

Such modification is related to the recently aproved reforms to the Scientific and Tecnology Research and Innovation Stimulae Law that promotes support to Scientific and Technology research activities.

But also there were some lock settings to avoid tax evaders from justifying just any project.

But the big stinker here, although we already saw that one coming, is that the Plenary for the LXI Legislation asigned Eduardo Hernandez Barron (the guy who don’t return government money on request) as Magister Proprieter of the Supreme Justice Tribunal of the State of Guanajuato, he got 28 votes versus 4 on Vicente Vazquez Bustos.

That’s right guys, Eduardo Hernandez Barron has formally occupied the chair and that is how things will be for the following 7 years starting this Thursday the 13th.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra