Celaya, Gto.- The last note about the panther that was brutally shot by Celaya policemen after looking for refuge at a farm near by the original site of captivity bring a lot of questions about the issue.

First of all, nor the State neither the cities of Guanajuato have even a clue of how many Animal Care Units are around (The Secretary for the environmental and natural resources, SEMARNAT, actually call such units, Maintenance Units) and with a legal licence for exhibition, breeding or even killing wild animals.

Second, due to such lack of information authorities have no idea of what to do whenever any wild animal does escape, as in the case of the panther brutally killed with 20 gun shots.

So far, the only information they have is that there are at least 80 sites where there are ostriches, lions and such, being the city zoos in Leon and Irapuato among them.

The big question here is, does SEMARNAT have enough personal to verify that animals in captivity are not having a hard time?

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra