Guanajuato.- Well, now let me tell ya, guys, that after the bunch of tweets we got from Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, State Judge, last Thursday we got the official newsletter in which it is stated that they were 23 and not 12 the detained Templars who were all over the State.

That’s how it was stated on the file PGJE 227/2012, where it is remarked the participation of State PGR, Public Security State Secretary and Irapuato Public Security.

With this action the many cells of the organization that would opperate in the North of the State (San Miguel de Allende, San Felipe, San Luis de la Paz and San Jose Iturbide), and also in Leon, Irapuato and Salamanca dealing with drugs, extorsioning, killing and kidnaping have been stopped.

From the North Network, detainees are: 20 year old Mario Jonathan Bravo Reyes, aka “El Ever”, 27 year old Miguel Ángel Reyes García, aka “El Mapa” and aka “El Gordo”, 25 year old Blanca Araceli Barrientos Casas, 29 year old Jorge Villa Rubio aka “El Gordo”, 23 year old Ernesto Alonso Gómez Zamora, aka “El Tito” and 32 year old Jonathan Cacia Vargas, aka “El Coyote”.

Detainees from Irapuato are: 41 year old Roberto Pérez Gómez, aka “El Chilango”, and also leader of the organization, 24 year old Miguel Ángel Cortes Zavala, aka “El Perro”, 22 year old Alejandra Ávalos Lucas, aka “Janna”, 29 year old Carmen Verenice Ruiz Magañon, aka “La Vere”, 21 year old Raúl Guerrero, aka “La Pulga”, 45 year old Juan Zavala, aka “El Perro”, 25 year old José Rodolfo Madrigal Pacheco, aka “El Tripas” and 27 year old Pedro Jesús Cruz Vega.

All of them had guns, werehouses and cars, especially in Irapuato where they were detained with piles of weed.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra