Mexico.- Well kids, the heat in between the federal government and the Mexican Union of Electricity workers (SME) is still in the air, the Union scored when the 2nd Collegued Tribunal of the First Laboral Circuit emmited a resolution in behalf of the Union Workers who were protected against colective contract nulification of the ‘Luz y Fuerza del Centro’ corporation and the Union of Electricians.

Even though there hasn’t been any a sentence dictated yet, for those who understand how things run around in this country so it’ll take about two weeks to notify the authorities about this resolution, Government Secretary is preparing their arguments for the revision of such resolution before the Supreme National Court of Justice.

Also, depite who got hurt or who might be affected, the Government Secretary has pointed out that the extintion of the electricity company ‘Luz y Fuerza del Centro’ is definitive and also said that resolution file 1337/2010 can be taken to the high court, which is being studied.

Information provided by agencies.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra