Francisco Picón. León, Guanajuato.- Just a few women and some unknown would describe shortly the legal cabinet of Guanajuato governor, Miguel Marquez Marquez.

We already told ya before that some smiley cracker was gonna crack ‘bout who was gonna be there, and that’s how it was.

These are the people who will govern in about a week from now. Lets start with the recycled material, the already known, also known as the already burnt: Hector Lopez Santillana, he will be the secretary of economy; Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, who will still be the Judge comisioner; Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, fromerly Leon Public Security secretary, now he will be the State Public Security Secretary; Don Javier Usabiaga, formerly Agriculture Secretary during Fox times, now he will do the job with Marquez; Good old Juan Aguilera Cid will remain at Social Communication; Eusebio Vega Martinez, former IPN Rector in Guanajuato will be in charge of Education; and Ector Ramirez Barba, as secretary for Social Development.

Now, lets present the new players: Antonio Salvador García will be the skipper of the ship as the Government secretary, who is also proprietary minister, in other words he is a high rank judge, or a big wig (literaly); Juan Ignacio Martín Solís will be the treasurer; Fernando Olivera Rocha will be the Tourism secretary, right now he works in Fonatur; Christian Javier Cruz Villegas will be the particular secretary to the governor; Ignacio Ortiz Aldana, a private sector medical doctor will be the secretary of health care and José Arturo Durán Miranda will be in charge of Construction.

The only one girl in the entire cabinet is Maria Isabel Tinoco Torres, formerly working at the Tax Collection Secretary and apparently has no party affiliations.

Yup, lot o’ talkin’ but someday any of these names will become handy to ya, guys.

By the way, the smiling boldy guy at the center of this pic is gerardo Trujillo, PAN party state director, who shouldn’t have any a business around, though. See what I mean?

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra