SILAO, GTO.- “Guanajuato is now a synonym of tranquility and that is the way we do want to keep it, for sure, so we want Guanajuato people to live safe and in peace. This has been priority number one, ever since the beginning of this current administration.”

Those have been the words spoken by Governor Miguel Marquez Marquez as he declared the SHIELD Security System activated, along in presence of nacional security comisioner Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia. The State Communications Control System of Intelligence; C5i, has been located at the Guanajuato Inland Port.

President Enrique Peña Nieto’s representant, Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia has recognized the work of Governor Marquez administration for his support for security and cooperative programs such as this SHIELD program; one of the best in the whole country, as he remarked.

The coordination and cooperation of the State to work with the Federation will allow the decrease in crime incidents, such as homicide in a predicted rate of 14.5%, extorsion in a 16.2% and vehicle theft in a 16%.

This SHIELD project operates with high tech equipment, which allows to take effective and immediate action against criminal incidents; and what is most important, crime incidents prevention.

Governor Marquez pointed out the most relevant elements of the program that is headed by Security Secretary Alvar Cabeza de Vaca Appendini. Among those elements there is an advanced communication system that liks State and Municipal police forces.

“For the first time the whole of the police force within the State will be conected through a 320 Kilometers of optical fiber network that will operate in real time, which will also enhance Intelligance, thanks to the use of better technology. Authority will strain and narrow down every space where crime could operate as 23 Municipal Headquarters have been remodeled.”

All this will be working along with twenty seven hundred vidieo cameras, car plate scanners, radio frecquency scanners and vehicle scanners. Surveilance will wanne down delinquent action and will identify possible criminal situations.

“The authorities will know, from now on, whatever happens on the streets 24/7 the whole year. We will be watching for the safety of every family in Guanajuato.”

122 highway posts at 92 different strategic locations fully equipped with vehicle identification systems. This will allow surveilance of roads, there will be the verification of vehicles on the road, stolen vehicles tracking, and also there will be a chance to react in case of any suspicious incident.

There will also be twenty thousand button alarms and citizen network systems for the use of people in case of any security threat, and they will be located at firm and companies buildings, schools, government buildings, and every other place where such devices might be required to summon the police forces.

Besides all that, there are the 066 and 089 call dial numbers, and psychological and health assistance for women on the 075 dial number.

“We talk about a wide and integrated program. It is no surprize it is being implemented in other states within the whole country. This whole project involves the Army, Federal Police, Fire Department, Emergencies, Red Cross, Civil Guard, Security Secretary and the Justice

Despartment. This is a totally transparent project which includes us all together under a One Technological Direction.”

Translated by Carlos Cuadra. MA.