Por: Paco Landa. León, Gto.- Dudes… almost 24 hours after the voting election and some egoes are bruced, wounded and insulted as any bullied child in school.

One of those wounded egoes is, of course, Juan Ignacio Torres Landa (to whom I am not related at all), whom has participated for the second time for State governor and the marker was yet again against him and he has swallowed the bullet accepting the triumph of Marquez Marquez who won the election for the PAN once more (Guanajuato is the only one PAN state all over the country).

For PAN it has been painful the loosing of Jalisco, Morelos, and two Federal District municiples, Cuajimalpa and Miguel Hidalgo.

PAN national director, Gustavo Madero (related to the famous revolution hero, Francisco I. Madero) has admitted to the national media the defeat in those states. And speaking of wounds and bruces, Miguel Salim hasn’t even talked to the press as Barbie was beating him hard by far.

The funny part is that everything indicates that the votes for Barbara Botello are nothing but a punishment for local PAN.

Suspicion come from the fact that at the three districts of Leon the winner of the federal election was Josefina Vazquez Mota and Marquez Marquez for State governor.

PAN is still loyal to the PAN but only for the State and Federal election.

That’s it… it is time to think what did PAN do wrong during the last 20 years at the most important city of Guanajuato.