what up duuuuude? We’re back!

Let me tell ya, last weekend we headed to Vallarta for some well deserved vacations.

As good Leon citizens we bumped into a bunch of people from our home town, so we had a couple beers with some characters such as Luz y Fuerza and El Mijo, Gnosys bass player.

Funny thing, Mijo has just turned 18, which means he is an adult, which means he can legally drink… yup, he is barely legal.

So, as a welcoming to ‘adulthood’ we fetched him his first drinks, and yet there is no better place that the beach. The coolest part is that we have it all on video! Wait guys, for you to see it next week, I’ll give you the YouTube link, of course.

This kid is amazing, BEFORE he turns 18 he has done lots of things, taht most of us could only probably dream of.

Just to give you a pic, he has already recorded an album, he has already presented acompanied by a symphonical chorus and a band filling up the place to its toll, he has already played at the ‘Circo Volador’ (the metal temple in this country), he has already played at a dozen cities in this country, he has already been accepted at the Berkeley School of Music, and probably I might be talking off my tong but his bass performance is magnificent.

Rise up, guys! If this kid has been capable of doing all that on his first 18, working hard and persevering, it means we ALL can do it. No excuses!

Back to the party, fun was over when the hotel guards got us out of the hotel pool under the argument that we were not guests at the hotel… Assholes!

But there is no problem, the sun burnt and the drink out is ours. Saturday was Jack Daniel’s at the Roxy, on the romantic scenario of Puerto Vallarta.

What a great band was playing there that night, and the best was that whiskey ran 2×1 all night, yeaaaaaah! Something that is great and I want to tell you about is that there is a new night transport service that has been developed in Guadalajara and Vallarta for a bit less than a year: It is the famous “Buho” (Night owl), with rounds every 20 minutes from 11 pm to 5 am, so the gang who likes to party hardy at the Malecon and like to roam on the streets till afterhours get safe and cheap transportation to their hotels.

Cabs are abusive as hell!!! Take that in account if you’re ever there. I give 8 chuckys out of 10 to the ‘Night Owl’ from Vallarta and Guadalajara.

Gotta go because now we are preparing for our presentation for the Scientific Conference at the Summertime Research of the Universidad de Guanajuato (Guanajuato university).

Thursday in Salamanca we will present the astronomy project we’ve been working on for the last 5 weeks. I’ll tell you everything about it! Next time I will also give you the excerpt of the Progressive Metal Fest in Celaya, where Gnosys just played and about the after party.

See you next note for more. Stay metal \m/

Traslated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra