Eugenio Martinez trustee candidate PRI-PVEM coalition, said that the subject of public markets for the coalition candidate PAN-HONEYCOMB, Michael Salim, you are self drive naming this area, which is totally incongruous as having all the power to
address this problem as Trustee and Secretary of Finance did not give them priority and neglected.

The candidate for Prime Trustee said: “We do want to point out the inconsistencies of those who have already served in several administrations as a driver of the economy of this city and has done nothing for her Michael Salim.”

In this regard said the PRI-PVEM coalition already has a specific project for
Michael German street that benefits local merchants, “the backflow of the tracks have to be removed, will have to extend the sidewalks and drive all this economy in the area of the Michael German and Central zone.”

“I do not know why so many commitments have with Mr. Salim builders that will change the floor of the pedestrian area, we walked all around and the only thing missing is a lavadita not change it,” Martinez concluded.