Mexico.- Gee, check these guys out… Rafael Arana and Sebastian Becerril, being the first gay marriage in Mexico city have started their divorce trial for… make a guess: “irreconciliable differences”.

Rafael Ramirez informed on Facebook that due to many differences and incompatibility in their life plans which have made them make this final decision that has been considered simple and it will run as an administrative divorce figure.

“It was just a decision of age, a matter of immaturity which don’t bring compatibility on any relationship basis and it wasn’t bringing nothing that could be thought as positive (…). I feel proud for the first gay marriage in Mexico”, pointed out Ramirez Arana, who is also the coordinator to the Citizen Assosiation for Sexual Diversity, linked to the PRI in Mexico city.

Rafael Ramírez Arana and Sebastian Becerril got married in March 2010 when there were reforms on the 146 article of the Civil Code for Mexico city in which homosexual union was legalized.

Information provided by agencies.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra