Local— 27 July 2012


LOCAL.- By, Carlos Cuadra: GUANAJUATO, GTO

Last Tuesday 24th it was celebrated the closing ceremony of the Guanajuato International Film Festival at which it was celebrated, also, their XV year. Originated in San Miguel de Allende and as short fil convention, it has evolved into an International Film Festival.

There were homages to Sounth Korean Park Chan-Wook; Daniel Gimenez Cacho, who was born in Spain but he has growth and lived all his life in Mexico being also recognized for his commitment to acting and to society; and Julie Tamore, whose love for Indonesia seeing through Sheakesperean eyes she scratches our hearts with beauty and passion. She was also mentioned at homage to women in the film industry, altogether with Delia Casanova and Maria Victoria.

This festival is really important and worth a while an excuse to come to Mexico. Creativity is all over the place. We also had the opportunity to see Spencer Tunick, who decided to return their pictures to those who voluntarily have posed for him either in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, where the Photographer will stay for a month.