México.- Heriberto Rangel, lawyer to Felix Beltran; the kid who would be firstly presented as a son to ‘El Chapo’ Guzman by the Mexican Navy and the authorities, said that his client was taken by, presumably, American DEA agents whom, according to the accused version, proposed him to accept pretend to be the son to ‘El Chapo’ Guzman just till the end of the election period when true identity would be revealed.

The lawyer to the other kid detained and who seems to be, not clearly yet though, if he is related cousin or brother, Kevin Beltran, says that he refused to participate on the scam and everything was unraveled by family relatives. Now, Felix Beltran has to face a 40 day detention to continue with investigations, for that it is necessary to clarify if these kids were in possession of the guns and the money they have been framed and charged for or if everything was just part of the same scam plot.

In the end it will remain in people’s memories as a new attempt to try to deviate information just as it has happened with the Aburto issue or aggression on Peña Nieto by false #yosoy132. We feel sorry for Josefina Vazquez Mota who triumphantly had already celebrated the clean capture with no gun shot ever made, and applauded the Mexican Navy success.

And what is still yet to be figured out and brings an itch to our brains is, What’s up with the Americans involved?