Sunday March 3 / Starbucks Mariano Escobedo / León, Guanajuato / 19:39 hrs.

I watched the second debate of the five candidates we have for the governorship in Guanajuato on Sunday afternoon, and the thing is, none convinced me.  Not because of the lack of proposals, because there were differences, but rather all that caramel that were launched together four of the five candidates. Juan Ignacio Torres Landa (PRI-PVEM) against Miguel Marquez Marquez (PAN-Panal), Arnulfo Montes de la Vega (PRD) against the PAN and the PRI, Ernesto Prieto Ortega Landa against Márquez, and Márquez fighting back as he could for everyone. The Fifth Element, Enrique Eguiarte (Citizens’ Movement) is a good guy, but also to much talk, so not worth more effort. Anyway, back to the point. The other candidates are merged into an orgy of accusations, allegations and directed only to subtract denostaciones preferences to their opponents. Not that I think it is wrong that wave that neckties are given up to the bucket, especially because here among us, still gives me a weeeva listen to politicians, but the truth is yes I would have liked that the rates are had focused the hows, rather than on the go. None of them told me how he will do to my mom that spending will reach, or how to fix Juanillo life, excellent vulcanizing than just 150 bucks and takes her home for work 12 hours a day. These questions, which many of my acquaintances have them hanging around in bed night after night, remain unanswered. That’s why our candidates consider poor, and poor us if the first of next July’s worse not choose at least.