Lagos de Moreno, Jal.- Alrighty, so it takes two to tango, actually, and now for being obedient seven ex city policemen from Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, are gonna do some time under charges of murder, abuse of authority and cover-up.

State Police in Jalisco has said that there is an aprehension order for the seven cops from Lagos de Moreno who appear on a video in which it is proven that they arrested three men who were found dead three hours later in a car near to an intersection.

According to the communicate, this whole matter begins January 20th when Juan Carlos Cerrillo Arcinaga, second in command of opperations and in charge of the Lagos de Moreno Police Department followed orders from his superior and went for three guests at some hotel to turned them in to organized crime.

But in this case, Juan Carlos didn’t do it all by himself, in order to carry out his orders he ended up dragging his subordinates, Armando Gutierrez Hermosillo, head corps commander, Antonio Martinez Cuevas, second offincer, Juan Gabriel Gomez Zermeño, Margarito Luna Avila, both plain police officers, Jose Eric Abundis, third police oficer and Juan de Dios Torres, police car driver.

What these brother keepers didn’t realize was that there was a surveillance system at which every single action got recorded, but there were also three civilians who participated in the operation.

Civilians have been identified as Pedro Gabriel Haro Garcia, from Tonala and Alejandro Villalobos and Octavio Salazar Perez, both from Sonora.

the deal is that after taking hotel guests out those were found dead in a vehicle.

The found dead were indirectly strangled and beat in torax and abdomen, they were Jorge Alejandro Arredondo Siller, Cesar Raul Alcala Gaona and Jorge Alberto Bustos, all of them from Saltillo, Coahuila; they were in Lagos to collect money for the rental of some land.

Last June 6th ministry agents backed by army soldiers took away the already arrested policemen who were confined ‘tll last night, when judge gave the order for apprehension. The three civilians were arrested last January 30th at a Zapotlanejo ranch.

All the ex policemen will have to face charges for murder, abuse of authority and cover-up, but Abundis whi will face charges for authority abuse and cover-up.