¡¡Yeaaaaaaaaaah!! What up, dogs? Are you ready to rock your vote and stay dry this coming Sunday? Watch out, boys! Here we are celebrating graduation and the LEÓN SUMMER ROCK FEST I. Dude, that was just fkn great! Excellent bands, excelent audience, a great place and a great cause: Support the Mexican rock scenario. Check this:

It all started 8pm at the Revolución Bar in Leon. The opening bar was Velkrodeth (from León), progressive death/core band that started the fire in the room despite the fact that they only sound two tunes but people spoke very well of them. That’s fkn it, man! Next band to the scene was Cruz de Malta (from Celaya), whom demonstrated why are they the progressive instrumental metal kings in Bajio performing material of their own. We gotta get these guys album, highly recomendable!

After that, it was Eskeda’s Gnosis. Ha ha. They performed gigs and licks from their Unioum: “The Parallel Universe” album. It was remarkable the fact that it was Leon’s, famous in the underground scenery as, Lobo substituting the original bass player who is touring in Japan. Thanks Lobo! XD Next at the scene was Cygnus Quantica from Queretaro, beautiful vocals, delicious melty keyboards power progressive band. Vitruvius came after, all the way from Xalapa to the world. Beautiful sweet voice of beautiful sweet singer, Dulce. This guys played eight compositions of their own from their album of the same name. Me, myself, played with them a master piece named Memories; look for that one in YouTube, 8 of 10 chucky’s to that!

And the party went on and on. It was 2 o’clock in the morning and two more bands to go, damn! Here came Carphatya (from Mexico State), whom I previously heard as opening band for Kamelot at the Circo Volador in 2011. Despite they didn’t bring theyr keyboards they definitely ran a good show, they sang super, great performers, they played tunes from their coming up album which we anticipate. Just fkn great!!!! Check them out, 9 of 10 chucky’s. And for the grand finalle! After 6 hours of progressive metal… pardon me, and excuse my manners, the best Mexican progressive metal, came up Anima Tempo. Geeeeeeeeeeezz, that’s a band, motha’ fuka’! Those guys have already been to Finland and working on the final touches of their album ‘Caged in Memories’, which is quite URGENT by the way. They were great, up to the level of any of the best metal bands around the world. I am sorry for the inconvenients of not been able to make it right on time, but in the end the scene it was all of you. This is how the festival concluded, hours and hours of good music, great vibes and joyful people. Very good food, great hot dogs, don’tcha think?

I say goodbye; this coming Saturday I’ll be celebrating my graduation.

(more info p/inbots) and this coming Sunday we gotta rock our vote. Don’t complain if you don’t… I insist, support national bands and talent! Go to gigs, acts and concerts! See you next week for more cool stuff. Stay metal \m/