León, Gto.- After having some roadrunners for dinner a couple weeks ago at the finals, the beast came out for more as first division team, wining 2-0 against Cruz Azul.

Recently added Othoniel Arce and Dario Urbano scored a goal each and each one at a different half making fans go crazy, roaring in excitement for their beloved team and shaking their ‘manes’ to the roar of, gooooooooooooooool.

Coach Gustavo Matosas set the same line formation he did to win the championship, it was at the second half that he replaced 6 players, Othoniel Arce among them.

As already expected at the begining of the season neither both teams, actualy, made a great performance, but after triumph there is not much to be said.

Remedy for a bad sleepless night.

Previously, Pachuca confronted Pumas, and even though both teams are in excellent shape none of them scored. No excitement and the audience were bored to tears. One of them had to be the winner one way or another, son it was by penalty scores from which it was Pumas who got the victory setting the score 3-2. So it is them who will be facing the challenge versus Leon this coming Saturday for a coup sponsored by a bank.

By Diego Álvarez