Whaaaaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! Here we are one more time for chit chat! Who was there last Saturday night at the progressive metal festival? It was aaaaaaaawesome! There were great bands at the Casino Life in Celaya.

Yes, we were a little late so I can just talk about those bands we were able to catch in action. Beyond (Mexico city; DF), those guys were great with their power/speed metal half hour set. Excellent act, Hammerfall, Rage and Primal Fear style.

After that it was the turn for ‘Mil 900’ (Mil novecientos) band, from Zacatecas. They snared a great progressive metal concert that amazed everybody in the hall.

Right after that, the star band ‘Cruz de Malta’ (Malthus Cross) blasted their progressive metal, Dream Theater style performing long instrumental tunes. They were just great!

Thanks a lot for the invitation, guys! There were also ‘Lexee’ from San Luis Potosi, a band I have already seen at a 2010 festival in Mexico city, and also Sartorious from the same city, band leaded by ex guitarrist of Arche, emblematic band from the last decade. I have their album!

At the end played ‘Gnosys’ as closing act, although that was not in the plan, so, even if that was not one of our best presentations I can say we ded our best, as always.

Once it was over we did go for drinks with my brothers from ‘El Pecado de Afrodita’, great guys! We decided to go to an illegal bar and then to my pal’s Pepe Telzagui for some whiskey shots till Sunday 9:00am.

For the golden big end we went for a grill party with our friends of ‘Cruz de Mata’, who definitely show how great of a host they can be.

See ya guys nest time for more fun stuff. Stay metal \m/