Leon, Gto.- Well, bad news from ‘El Cóporo’, some people haven’t been able to enter the zone due to lack of organization, and they have even been left out waiting for their turn to enter the ancient ceremony center, and when we talk about “waiting”, it means under the sun, for there’s no shade at all for the people waiting on the line.

According to versions, visitors got there one o’clock, departing from Leon at 8:30 am on four mini buses and made something like six hours to find out that they were entering in groups of twenty at a time, which grieved a lot of people who didn’t go in on the programed schedule given to them, and also, they had to wait for nothing.

Let’s pray for functionaries to work harder on those issues, for a place with such afluence of visitors there is no time to let them all inside at the same time and enjoy the tour.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra