By: Paco Landa. León, Gto.- Hello Kiddys, well, recently elected city Major, Barbara Botello Santibañez, said
for Contrapunto News that “culture and fine arts can’t be elitist, though one of the things that really dislike is the
social contrast”.

All that was brought up when she was inquired by Sixpack Radio interviewers when they asked her about the
lack of international events that are only seen in Mexico city or in Guanajuato, and people in Leon need and

“I have said, myself, that this city is quite bipolar, we have first class services but once you get accross the
street you see poverty around”, she said.

She mentioned that she will build “Plazas de la Ciudadania” (Citizen Squares) being the first one built at Las
Joyas, because investment on this sort has been “poor, mediocre, and pitifully small, for that reason we will set
a cool green area and service offices, altogether with health care centers so people want to go there”.

She also said, “… listen to what I say, I will take Feria de Leon events to those spaces so people with little
money can go, the fair has to be a real people’s event”.

Check out the complete interview at our Sixpack Radio podcast. Yeah!