By: Judith Martínez. León, Gto.- Right in Leon, Guanajuato, where “life is cheap”, Mexican president, Felipe
Calderon Hinojosa assured that he did much more for Guanajuato state than his predecesor, former president
Vicente Fox Quesada.

Calderon showed in Leon for the inauguration of the two new bridges at the ‘Bicentenario’ speedway and he
decided to crown himself as the president who has done much more for Guanajuato, especially concerning to
urban development and jobs.

“It is an honor for me to declare that this has been maybe the period when Guanajuato received the best public
investment at the public and private sectors, when more universities were built, more schools and more jobs…”
said the President.

Calderon said that investment in Guanajuato was 4 times more than back in the days of Fox, and jobs did
double up.

Calderon supervised the city constructions from helicopter.