Leon.- Last Thursday morning Iberoamerican University (IBERO), campus Leon, proffessor, Daniel Eduardo Chowell Godínez, was murdered in the middle of a car circulation dispute he had with a driver who shot him.

This terrible event was condemned by the Iberoamerican University through social networks posts. 34 year old professor was also a former psychology student at the same institution.

The incident occurred at Delta Blvd. around 9:00 am. He was driving his red Avenger and right next to him there was a Beige coloured Jeep tripulated by an adult male and a girl.

Both drivers were challenging each other among the rest of the circulating cars for which they started to fight verbaly, at the Transference Center of the Optibus System the Jeep cut the Professor’s Avenger and the driver shot twice on him to runaway right afterwards.

Coincidently there were paramedics passing by, who assisted the university professor still alive at the moment he was picked up, but he passed away at the hospital due to abdominal shot.

There were two 25 caliber metal jackets found, one of them inside of the professor’s vehicle.

Up to the moment there has not been any information at all about any detentions.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra