By Betto Martínez.-

Well, there’s been changes on the policies for the growth of Guanajuato city, since there’s been lots of people building and using land illegally, and that is turning into a pain in the rear for everybody, either for authorities as well as for particulars.

The government counsil have already signed the Land-Use Planning (POT), which has been necessary since nobody had taken a look to that issue since 1994.

The Land Use Planning is something like a manual of directions for the growth of the city, and how every piece of land should be used, how far up in the mounts any building can be set, and other specs alike.

The City government have really worked on it doing research and surveying the people. Now it is just a matter of publishing it on the papers.

So now we just hope for the next administration to put it to good use and enforce it in the future.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra