León, Gto.- 38 years old, Lucas Lara Álvarez, is the murderer to 49 years old Roberto Sanchez Flores at the entrance of the La Estancia hotel facilities, previous to the high top leaders to the PAN party. From Morelia Michoacan, declared to the ministerial authorities that he would receive 30 thousand pesos for the job.

Murdered lawyer was from Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosi, but he had been living in Leon for ten years and his abouts where in Balcones del Campestre suburbs, as his murderer lived in 10 de Mayo, along with his, presumed, partners in crime.

External security cams showed that the murderer was waiting for his victim. He was sitted on the walkway, he had been previously informed about the lawyer, how was he dressed and where and when he would be having lunch at the hotel next door to the murder site.

According to declarings from Public Ministry, Lucas took his .9mm gun out when Roberto Flores got close to him and shot him twice on the face and one more over the chest, which caused immediate death.

After the incident he walked for Merida Street where Public Security Agents dettained him pointing with their firearms since the murderer pretended to take his gun out. Ministerial Police affirmed that the gun had been tossed at the moment of detention.

Translation by Carlos Cuadra