Text and Photoes: Paco Landa

León, Gto.- Folks, just minutes before the meeting fo the State Direction Comittee of the PAN, right in front of governor, Hector Lopez Santillana and in front of national leader of the party, Gustavo Madero, lawyer Roberto Sanchez Flores was murdered by a, presumed, mugger, right at the entrance of ‘La Estancia’ hotel parking lot.

This crime is asumed as a response to the question, why has the PAN been rejected and their nation wide weakening, especially in the city of Leon, their main opperation center.

According to authorities report, the murder occurred around the 13:00 hrs, aproximately an hour before PAN big wigs started to meet at the ‘La Nueva Estancia’ hotel, afterwards, the murderer tried to escape on foot and was dettained by Leon public security agents when he was getting to Merida St.

It seems though, that the victim was about to pick vehicle at the La Estancia hotel parking lot when suddenly the murderer appeared, who is from Michoacan, according to sources whom also said that Roberto Flores resisted robbery for which he was shot many times on face and chest.

City Major, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, who was also invited to this meeting, informed before he had enetered the meeting that murderer was captured by police officers, and not by street circulation agents, as suspected at the beginning.

Roberto Flores Sánchez, attorney at law, lived in Cumbres del Campestre suburb, and at the moment of events he was dressed on a white shirt, jeans and walking casual shoes. He was laying on his stomach at the entrance of the parking lot to the already mentioned hotel and at least five already empty metal jackets.

At about 14:00 hrs, Ministerial police and forensics were at the site to begin with investigations and pick the body of the victim, previously to the PAN meeting who discuss about peoples change of heart about them due to insecurity issues.

Translation by Carlos Cuadra