By: Martín-ez-Betto.-

Hursh was the reply of nowadays City Major of Guanajuato, Edgar Castro Cerrillo, to former City Major Niceforo Guerrero Reynoso critizising comments made this last Tuesday about the problems the new administration have had to start on. “How can we even start if he left not a single penny?” Said the now City Major.

The deal is that Castro Cerrillo accepted Niceforo Guerrero is right, there’s been no start on, but this is due to the fact that there is no money left when he passed the chair.

Guerrero Reynoso questioned the new City Major’s capabilities for which Castro Cerrillo exposed to the press a recording in which Guerrero Reynoso himself spoke about getting a licence to run for governor or a chair at the federal representatives chamber, or for the local chamber, or a chair at the senate, for that it looks like a “lack of political definition”, to say it proprietly, about the ex City Major, “If there had been a vacant at the school board, he would have gone for it as well”, said Castro Cerrillo ironicaly.

We can wonder all we want about this but what is for certain is that the city has been left with no money for a while, for that reason the municiple has had to get funds from here and there and in bits and pieces to get things done.

And the main problem is that whithout money, Guanajuato can’t request federal nor state funds from programs where the municiple has to participate with a 50% or a 30%, which has made the new City Major play with one million 200 thousand MXN pesos for 17 public projects, contrary to what happened with the former Major, who spent 19 million in one single project; Juarez Av., which by the way, was left uncompleted.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra