Well, get this, it is a dream come true in Guanajuato! Since last Tuesday August 21st, drug possession will be dispensed, although we have to get familiar with procedures. But, hold on!, don’t get too anxious and hasty to fill up the reserves! First we have to check up the chart with fixed legal quantities.

And now, here’s the list of the substances under control (that can get you out of control) and the quantities that anybody can carry with no fuzz with the fuzz or even worse: marijuana: 5g, cocaine: 500mg, opium: 2g, heroine: 50mg, LSD: 0.015mg, methamphetamines: 40mg (crushed), 200mg (pills). But, be careful, if you go over even for a bit it’ll be considered illegal and it will be charged by the state. Now, if you get caught with a chunky hit (5kg in the case of marijuana), Congrats!!! Welcome to the big leagues, because that will be prosecuted as federal infraction and you will be considered a drug dealer! Seriously.

What has been the change on the “small amount of drug possession law”? (Which by the way is not a law, but a reform and addition to the General Law of Health, the Federal Criminal Code and Federal Code for Criminal Process) The difference is that against those detained for possession of any of the substances from the “Table of maximum dosage for personal and immediate consume” chart, in the article 479 of the General Law for Health, there will not be legal action according to the article 478, first paragraph of the same law, as long as it is in the already mentioned above quantities… we dare you to say that again out loud, those dear dopy head among our readers.

But things don’t end up there, though ministerial authorities should inform consumers about institutions or centers for codependence prevention. The point is to orient and invite to participate, voluntarily, at a program against addiction on the first two Public Ministry reports, but on the third one, it will be mandatory for the consumer to work on such programs.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra