Guanajuato, Gto .- Now that we are already done with the counting of votes, here’s the list of the elected federal representatives whose monthly payment by contributers (that’s us) will be of 150 thousand MX pesos for three years.

Let’s start with the PAN representatives, whom for the last couple of periods owned 14 entities, now they have reduce the number to 7.

PAN: Ricardo Villarreal, 2nd District for San Miguel De Allende; León con Elizabeth Vargas Martin Del Campo, 3rd District for Leon; Diego Sinhué Rodríguez, 5th District for Leon; Genaro Carreño, 8th Districti for Salamanca; Raúl Gómez Ramírez, 10th District for Uriangato; Jesús Oviedo Herrera, 13th District for Valle de Santiago; and José Luis Oliveros Usabiaga, 14th District for Acambaro.

PRI: Petra Barrera, 1st District from San Luis de la Paz; María Esther Garza, 4th District for Guanajuato; Guadalupe Velázquez, 7th District for San Francisco del Rincon; Rosa Elba Pérez, 6th District for Leon; Alejandro Rangel Segovia, 9th District for Irapuato; Concepción Navarrete, 11th District for Penjamo; and Felipe Arturo Camarena, 12th District for Celaya.

Take note in case you have anything to claim or for any complain.