León, Gto.- This is bad news for the bad guys who like to mug and get loaded by unloading peaceful walking people on the streets in downtown since our dear Mr. City Major, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, has just put 20 brand new video cameras on the walking route to ‘Plaza Expiatorio’ square.

Besides frustrating thieves, it is also the intention of this operation to inhibit vandals from graffiting buildings, which presents an already depressing look to the appearance of the streets.

The walking route starts at Poliforum all the way to the walking Historical Center of the city, and where the chambermen from the National Comerce Chamber (CANACO) insisted for protection, as well as to their costumers.

“Virtual surveilance in Leon is a reality, the difference has already been noticed and it will be quite remarkable once crime eventually vanishes”, Ricardo Sheffield pointed out.

Translation from Spanish provided by Carlos Cuadra