By: Paco Landa. León, Gto.-  “Either if he likes it or not, and either families in Leon like it or not, casinos in the city are a legal activity”, those were the words by the major to the media when he was questioned about the issue at the security video cam set ceremony.

Ricardo Sheffield said that casinos are legal, though, it is according to the federal regulations, as long as such sites act according to law either local or federal, there is nothing to be done, I can’t impose my beliefs and personal impression’s over the law, I am really sorry but casinos are legal”.

Sheffield gave the reasons why casinos have been permitted by the committee and clarified that he is a skilled practitioner himself and it has been voted at plenaries, for which about the opening of the two last casinos he said “the law is on their side and my obligation as major is to work for the law, as I said it back in October 10th as part of my proposals that I would work for the law”.

“Whenever the people in this city decide they don’t want casinos around it’ll have to be asked to local and federal representatives to adjust and change the law”, the major said.

There are 7 casinos functioning, plus two more that have been authorized recently, which now make 9 in the city, and that will be an issue for the next administration