Local— 24 July 2012


León Gto.- In Guanajuato there are 10494 aspirants for teaching in schools, whom despite their low scores at the selection quiz for teacher positions will be on a waiting list to be hired for 2012-2013 period.
Aspirants on the waiting list are those who got a higher to 3pts but lower to 6pts, which is considered a failing of the exam, at the National Competences Exam.
Their right for a position lasts till May 31st 2013 and will be able to claim it at the moment of a vacant for retirement or decease by any teacher in turn.
The test has to be given every five years, since supposedly, the Public Education Secretary has commited to only hire ‘only the best’ teachers for kinder garden and elementary school.
139 704 people went through the test, but 70.1% failed, and those are the ones on the waiting list.
Teaching job positions are 12 966, plus 61 257 part time positions, for those who got the highest scores.

Translation provided by Carlos Cuadra