Left wing leaders, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador among them, and the party presidents who made them their candidate have remainded to the magistery of the Federal Election Tribunal about the importance of their response at this historical moment for the country, for which it has been requested to take in account all the exhibits that prove facts and still keep adding to the list.

To save the honorable judges from any confusion or possible mistake there was a list of ten key important issues in the accusations against Peña Nieto, prove of the fraud in this last election process:

1. Null equality of rights.

2. Complicity of survey companies and TV networks.

3. Over spent on election campaign.

4. Soriana prepaid gift cards.

5. Monex, Bancomer and Santander banks.

6. Prepaid phone cards bribes.

7. Utilizing the government (?)

8. Videgaray’s Scotiabank bank account.

9. Buying votes at public places.

10. Free election must be defended.

Lopez Obrador stated clear to the tribunal that a “wrong sentence” on the July 1st elections would devastate the trust and confidence on those sort of institutions in Mexico.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra