US.- All the electronic information accounts of journalist Mat Honan, who works for prestigious tech magazine Wired, were hacked on Friday August 3rd 2012 by somebody who took advantage of security loopholes of Amazon and Apple to break through and access the ICloud and Gmail accounts.

Once in the hands of hackers, they erased all data from portables, smartphone and tablet, and even yet took over his Twitter account and that of his ex-employer, Gizmodo.

Hackers used very simple techniques to break the security. First they got the personal and email addresses of Honan on the Internet, after struggling a bit with Amazon tech support they got the las four digits of his credit card. After that they called Apple as Honan to have access to his ICloud account.

Once they linked his Gmail and Me accounts, they were albe to restablish the passwords, including Twitter’s, from which there was spam sent to Honan followers and eliminated all data from his Apple devices, since one of the characteristics is that you can erase information from your devices to void data manipulation.

Information provided from agencies.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra