México.- PAN candidate for the big chair, Chepis Vázquez Mota, was really happy for the capture of Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, son to the famous drug lord ‘El Chapo’ and cheered up the Mexican Navy requesting a big public applause for being responsible for the ‘catching of the big fish’ operation, who is accused of being the financial manager to the Sinaloa Cartel.

On tour in Baja California, she said that if she gets to be the big presidential cheese this coming July 1st, she will never bargain, nor will negotiate with organized crime and she will never rest ‘till Chapo is finally behind bars, for that capturing organized crime gangs is the path for peacemaking.

At this point it wouldn’t be bad to ask her what did she exactly meant, since quite seems like she expects the capture of every single delinquent ‘till none of them are out of jail.

Does she really think that possible?