Australia.- Bone history researchers discovered a cementery for up to two ton weight mammals in Australia, whom appeared to be predecessor specie to the kangaroos and other modern marsupials.

This was a herbivore type class and had a man size pouch. The fine classy name for this specie is Diprodont and walked the Earth for thousands of years to the moment in which humans appeared at that continent, whom might probably would use them for sleeping bags.

At the site, up in Queensland, an approximate of 50 skeletons were found, one of which was the less deteriorate had an over 70 cm (27.5 “in) jaw and was named ‘Kenny’ by the research team.

It is the major concentration of fossil remains of one of the biggest size mammals ever discovered in history, paleontologists are experiencing orgasms besides the fact that they are working on getting all the information concerning to the lifestyle of this great bear and wombat ancestor.