Local— 26 July 2012


Judith Martínez

Guadalajara, Jal.- This guy thought that he had gotten away with it, but now, 13 years later he has just gotten caught for the murder of his wife in San Jose Iturbide, Guanajuato.

His name is ramon Romero Rico, aka Ramon Romo Serrano, age 54. He was arrested by Jalisco agents at Heliodoro Hernandez in Guadalajara.

According to the agencies report, January 12th 1999 in the evening, Ramon got home, Hidalgo 83 in San Jose Iturbide and started to drink insulting his wife, then he made two of his children for goods and while they were getting sodas, this guy pointed a gun to his wife an shot her in the mouth.

The whole scene occured inf ront of a minor who was doing his school homework, and that was the one who gave version to the police.

After that, Ramon ran away taking his one year old boy, back then.

Today, Jalisco agents will turn him in to the Guanajuato authorities to continue with a case of parricide.

Tranlation provided by Carlos Cuadra