By: Diego Álvarez. Spain forgot their bankruptcy and bad economy issues to take over the streets and throw one of the biggest parties. Eurocup was the occasion.

Last Sunday the Spanish team, aka ‘the red fury’, got everything they had out to the field and crushed the Italian team leaving them badly injured. Executers were David Silva (14), Jordi Alba (41), Fernando Torres (84) and Juan Mata (88), all of them under captain of Andrés Iniesta who got recognition as the best player of the season.

The game wasn’t over yet when Madrid streets were flooding with people. The party was just starting and it went on and on to the next day, people made Jacuzzis out of the public fountains, music out loud all throughb the city.

Some hangovered, some still alive and looking for more on a Monday full of joy on the streets. The party started over when the champions landed in Madrid and thousands crowded the streets to see their heroes who were on roofless trolleys flashing the cup, shown to the royal family minutes ago, and even letting the king to kiss it (the cup, of course I mean).