Leon, Gto.- Well guys, get this. Ministerial agents caught 21 year old Omar Francisco Medel Muñoz, aka ‘El Chino’, who, supposedly, participated at the attack on a tinsel shop worker in San Miguel and also said to the authorities that he had a house along with his gang mates, where police found high power rifles and lots of ammo.

Convict declared to be a member of the Templar Knights (Los Caballeros Templarios in Spanish), to be a citizen of Leon and that he lived at Leon II, where one of the group’s warehouses were found, and the other one was located in San Miguel neighborhood, where the arsenal was found.

All this started last August 1st when around the 18:00hrs four people got to the shop submitting the employees and shooting a costumer, who shot back since he was armed, and got shot as he ran away and refuged inside his own house, close to the sieged shop.

The bad guys crashed against a light pole as they were on the run at Rio Santiago St. and Tierra Blanca St. corner, for which they had to abandon the vehicle and a firearm inside.

As a result of the reckoning operation made by the state ministerial police they could grab ‘El Chino’ who was identified by witnesses as one of the aggressors to the shop.

At the San Miguel warehouse there were confiscated 4 hand grenades, one of them fragmentation type, four rifles AR-15 .223 mm, filled up with rounds, a revolver hand gun 5.56mm caliber, a .357 revolver hand gun, a .32 automatic hand gun, 750 .223mm rounds distributed in 15 plastic bag packages and 8 magazines.

Concerning the victim he is hospitalized and badly injured by the shots, for which he hasn’t been able to declare to the police and remains in custody for carrying the firearm he used in self-defense.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra