Leon, Gto.- On the supervision of the work on Leon’s river water front ‘Malecon del río’, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla city major and State governor, Hector Lopez Santillana visited the segment from Lopez Mateos Blvd. to Prolongacion Calzada (the arch monument park), on which 8.5 million MX pesos will be invested in both levels.

Asides of that, the segment Malecon-Campestre is also being repaired investing 2 more million MX pesos.

Leon city major remarked that Malecon remodeling will consist of a paralel wall which will allow the construction of a third lane and the pavement recovery of Lopez Mateos – Niños Heroes which will imply the removing of many trees which affect the contention wall of the water front.

He also pointed out that the licence will be signed in two weeks and in early September there will start tne repairs on Malecon del Rio which will take four months.

State governor, Hector Lopez Santillana, remarked that the total investment will be 10 million 5 hundred thousand MX pesos.

“We are stating the work of the State gevernment to assist on this matter that has been affecting circulation and connectivity in Leon; it was something that took us by surprize and we had to shorten budget for other programs to solidarize with the major of Leon” pointed out Lopez Santillana.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra