breaking newsLocal— 25 July 2012


León, Gto.- Damn! Well, everything points out to the fact that there is no consensus about the rental of the Nou Camp Stadium to Grupo Pachuca, who is willing to invest 90 million MX pesos.

The investment will be used on new seats and top of the art restaurant that will be built next to the Mexico Hotel, already in use. But the topic is not pleasant to representatives of Leon.

“There has been no consensus on the contract aproval, particularly from ‘Verde Ecologista’ echological party, and I think this contract has to be unanimous, because it is not the type of issue that get to be submited, and the echological party should explain their interests about it”, pointed out the city major, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla.

Meantime, the major has decided to place it on the Acquisition Committee agenda and there will be no signature for it before a consensus, but this administration will be over by October 9th so this will be an issue to be solved by the next administration in charge, which is the PRI-PVEM coalition. Gee, what a coincidence, don’t ya think?

Translation made by Carlos Cuadra