Celaya, Gto.-Black panther specimen, endangered specie by the way, was killed shot by the police and Citizen protection after getting out of ‘Pigmentos y Vegetales’ Co. warehouse and decided it was a good idea to hide in a farm near by.

Lady janitor, Dominga, went into a restroom for cleaning and found the big feline. According to her the first reaction was to hit it with a broom making the panther back off, after that she got out walking fearing getting attacked.

Authorities were called and got to the place with conventional fire arms as pointed out by Iram Alvarez Citizen Protection commander in chief, since they had no dope darts and the feline owner authorized to shoot it, which was executed once out of the hideout by shooting at it at least 20 times, witnesses remarked.

The owner to the panther had all the required permits and certificates to keep this, and other 10 big felines; tigers, panthers, leopards among them which remain in captivity at his company building but this hasn’t been the first incident though, back in 2009 it was a tiger that escaped and killed one of his employees.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra