Celaya, Gto.- Well, 25 years old Juan Jesus Garcia Dondiego, aka “El Patillas” was given 29 years sentence in jail for the murder and robbery of Jorge Vargas Cardenas in October 2011 in San Juan de la Vega.

But this doesn’t have an end here, so he will also have to pay 170 thousand MX pesos for damages and an 11 thousand MX pesos fine.

According to Guanajuato Justice Department news bulletin last October 12th 2011, ‘El Patillas’ was drinking with three of his friends when they decided it was a good idea to get some money to keep drinking.

On the way, ‘El Patillas’ had in mind to go to Jorge Cargas Cardenas’ place on Tenochtitlan Street in the very same community where he lived to mug him up and continue partying. When the victim finished irrigating his land robbers ganged up on him as ‘El Patillas’ gunned him up with his pistol.

After he was mugged and left alone, Jorge Vargas started to yell and screamed for help, so he had recognized the muggers, but then, ‘El Patillas’ did go back to Jorge and shot him in the head, Geez!

After some weeks being ranaway, ‘El Patillas’ was arrested when he went back to town on November 5th 2011.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra