By: Judith Martínez. León, Gto.- Concerning to newlies nuisances such as the electronic receips system implemented by the federal government in Mexico in order to stop contributers from voiding taxes, Guanajuato shoe making industry is looking forward to be up to date and backed up so they don’t get caught with their pants down.

In order to back those who pay, there has been the creation of the Tribunal for the Deffence of Contributers in September last year (PRODECON), which has been created to give consultance and in some cases even, solve problems related to problems with any federal institution.

Francisco Javier Ceballos Alba, director to the PRODECOM has approached to Guanajuato Shoe making Industry Chamber to give the updates in terms of services of consultance and deffence offered by this institution.

Although, for the sake of actually making it work for real, the institution will be opened either for every single business corporation and entrepeneur with any sort of taxation issue.