Leon, Gto.- Guys, it seems like this whole thing about the right wing wackos versae those who like to express their love freely is still on, summing up, days ago, professor Manuel Berumen was arrested by religious outrighteous cops for kissing his wife at the ‘Expiatorio’ main square, on request by a righteous woman.

There’s been even enthusiasts on social networks who have called the people to gather and kiss with their love mates at that infamous place last Sunday, and national tv networks wouldn’t let go the opportunity to do a cameo on the religious freaky side of the centre of the country, that of the authorities, and of course that fo the accuser.

For that reason, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, the city major of Leon, reafirmed his disaproval on the policemen lack of criteria, and that of the judge, “because that is a lawyer, does have an education and a professional career, he was not a newbie on the job”.

Because of that, the major informed to the media that he has requested “either to the internal affairs direction to investigate the police officers, as to the actions of the judge”.

“Furthermore, there is no law against kissing on the streets, on the contrary, their very healthy and I myself recommend them”, said the Major.

And of course this is not an easy matter nor a question to be seeped under the carpet, for that reason, the city major suggested professor Berumen to complain at the Human Rights Institution the very same day they gathered at the city building where the major himself apologized for the out righteous treatment by the policemen in the name of the entire cabinet.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra