Salamanca, Gto.- So Adrian Lara Salmeron, aka ‘El Tigre’ (the tiger), for being presumably guilty of homicide charges on the dead of Jose Guadalupe Prieto Pantoja, murder perpetrated in July 2005 at a Salamanca community, and thanks to the coordination of ‘Regional Addition of the Mexican Federal Bureu (PGR)’ and the ‘Constums and Immigration’ agencies it was able to fetch the hand of justice when he headed out of his house.

The State Police Dpartment of Guanajuato (PGJE) has informed that this case has been committed to the 132/2005 process, opened by Salamanca Judge of the I Criminal law office in which the deeds of July 17th 2005 are detailed; around the 16:00 hours, when Jose Guadalupe Prieto Pantoja got to his wife at his in law’s, ‘El Tigre’ got there with a gun and shot several rounds on him.

With severe and deep wounds Jose Guadalupe was taken to the hospital in Pueblo Nuevo where he died. Adrian Lara ran away like a bat out of hell and headed back to the US not knowing that police investigations would get the State Bureu to Texas where he was located and brought back on the General Extradition Direction request.

He is now behind bars and is under disposition of I Criminal Law Officer in Salamanca.

Translated from Spanish by Carlos Cuadra