By: Paco Landa

León, Gto.-  Dudes… things in Leon ran steaming hot while waiting for voting results between Miguel Salim and Barbara Botello since still yet at 8:00 at night both seem to be quite even at preliminary counting results. Thus, we must remark, guys, the peaceful exercise at the voting urns at which everybody got up early to responsibly go to vote.

Another interesting detail has been the peaceful encaunter among candidates at the voting urns, and even at a restaurant where PRI and PRD candidates for city major bumped into each other wished good luck to one another.

Around three o’clock in the afternoon the city major in turn, Ricardo Sheffield, informed at an interview that there has been no incidents and even those who complained about the prohibition of alcohol, did gently respect it.

The only problem here, no doubt about it, were the Federal Inspector for Elections (IFE), and the State Election inspector (IEEG) and services such as Google Maps from which nobody was able to get up to date information from causing trouble among voters while looking for their corresponding booth. Even some three year old residential zones would not appear in virtual maps. Thumbs down on that one.

Nontheless, kidos, we have gaven example of participation and civilian response to all the states in the country.