In response to the call to not to give up, thousands of people marched this Sunday July 22nd in Mexico City, and at other cities of the country.

In the land of the Aztec sun, the march would start at ‘Los Pinos’, home to the president, all the way down to the main square ‘El Zócalo’, but the military blocked the Access, for which the crowd, leaded by the ‘Movimiento de Aspirantes Excluidos de la Educación Superior’ movement, gathered where they could and from that point did go to the square.

In Jalisco, the invitation made by the #YoSoy132 movement gathered activists against the election fraud at noon at the ‘Plaza de la Liberación’ square, where it started to marcha ll the way to the Basílica de Zapopan temple.

Guanajuato, immersed into the Iternational Film Festival, experienced some social activity with a march that started at the Alhondiga and ended at the ‘Teatro Juarez’ teathre, one of the sites for the Film Festival, at which cartons were shown protesting against the election scam, including some artists who also had the opportunity to share their own point of view at the concert for Wirikuta at the International Festival.

Translation made by Carlos Cuadra