18 year old crazy wild goon, whom might as well have been addressed as “junior”, “priista” (‘Pree party follower’), or even “asshole”, felt like it was a good moment to play John Wayne and threatened with shooting a .22 cal pistol from a balcony to anti election hoax protesters in Xalapa, Veracruz, but first he did go Hulk and threw a chair to the people on the street.

Playful youngster, who responds to the name of Juan Pablo Franzoni, not only made such an impression on the cutie who was with him but also on some badge kids who serve and protect whom very gently had to tell him that they would have to take him away like some piece of cattle.

Some media, the ones that say what must be said the way should be said, attribute some possible PRI affiliation, which could explain his reaction against the unconform riotish crowd.

This guy was taken to jail and police has started an investigation, yadda yadda da, and all that, so at least they say. No authority whatsoever, have mentioned a thing about this issue. Let’s see what comes up later.