By: Judith Martínez León, Gto.- Poor Miguel Salim Alle, ex candidate for city major in Leon, he didn’t know what to do nor where to hide so he had to get out of his hole and publicly admit his defeat against Barbara Botello.

No one saw that one coming, the white and blue boys thought the game was theirs and they thought they would keep ruling in Leon as they had done it for more than twenty years.

On the election day Salim decided not to anticipate much and preferred to patiently wait for the counting to keep up hoping results would turn for him at some point, but from the beginning PRI-PVEM was always ahead.

PAN representative said that even though the great effort it was all useless. Right at 70% of the counting Barbara was 6% of the toll votes ahead of him, that clearly drew the picture.

He also commented that very early in the morning he gave a congratulation call to the new majoress to also offer himself to work on any of the many proposals made by PAN, as long as she feels like working on any of those, of course.